Old Plains

Rawley Power, the creator of this fine drop. Rewind the tape 20 years and Rawley Power's voice was being pounded into the ear drums of punk music fans throughout this southern land. Rawley's strained voice as front man for punk band 'Anti-Power' was also known to true blue fans as the 'Raw Power Show' as Rawley's voice took hold over the garage crowds whipping them into the original mosh. 20 plus years on, a different life in full swing as creator of this red flowing liquid. A different life with the same 'my way' approach. Punk singer, punk winemaker, Raw Power.

Raw Power Shiraz is unmanipulated and 'real' reflecting the commitment & authenticity of garage winemaking, unpolished and raw with plenty of power, the Adelaide Plains way.

Who attempts to contain this crazed, punk rocking, grape stomping man and give some direction? No other than the winemaking tandem at Old Plains, Tim Freeland and Domenic Torzi. Their know how and knowledge of the top old vine sites in the Plains is unparalleled.

Raw Power Shiraz

This is not some made up label with a cute marketing scheme…this is a single vineyard, low-yield, meticulously cared for wine that completely overdelivers on the price. A wine that isn’t about subtlety of complexity but rather, sheer force and utter deliciousness. Every once in a while, this is perfectly acceptable. Pure, unadulterated power!!!

Coming off of the 'Queen B!t$h' of all harvests in 2011, 2012 was glorious though with small yields. Vintage commenced in mid-February with the old vine blocks coming in at very low baume but with full flavor and ripeness. Overall the vintage produced very high quality with great power and intensity. The grapes were machine harvested in the early morning over a three day period of time. 100% whole berry ferment in ten ton open top fermenters with soft pump-overs. Basket pressed with ferment finishing off in barrel/tank.

Medium bodied and very aromatic with Christmas spices, dark cherry, black plums and bittersweet chocolate. The palate echoes the aromatics with 'raw power' being a common theme. Ripe tannins cap off the long, savory finish.

Varietal: 100% Shiraz
Vine Age: 45 years old
Soil Type: Red Clay & Loam over Limestone
Alcohol: 13.5%


By Philip White:

The label textulates about some old geezer punk screamer name of Rawley Power, but this wine's a sheila mate and a lived-in one at that. Still takes care of herself, mindja. Lives in a ricketty wood gypsy caravan that hasn't moved from the wild oats since her dude fell in love with Bearded Lady, took the old Buick and vamoosed years ago when the circus come through. Sweet and homely, like, but sweetly mysterious. She musta loved him. All those old woody plum jam tweaks, a goat stew simmering on the Kookaburra. Pipe tobacco - she has a quiet puff while she listens to Phillip (sic) Adams on the bakelite wireless. (Why doesn't he put an extra d in Adams?) Perfectly aged in big ol puncheons (think St. Henri, Campbell's Bobbie Burns, Wynn's Oven's Valley Burgundy, Kanmantoo St George's Claret ca 1890, anything made by Edmund Mazure) this wine shows that screw caps can protect aged wine as well as they keep baby ones juicy and fresh. Incredible value. Tim Freeland and Domenic Torzi did it. Well. Buy cases of it. 18 NOV 08.

2012 Raw Power Shiraz Adelaide Plains($15) Bright violet color. Dark berries, peppery spices and a hint of smokiness on the nose. Chewy, focused and light on its feet, offering bitter cherry and licorice flavors and a hint of dark chocolate. Finishes with good tangy cut and length, showing just a hint of dusty tannins. 89 Josh Raynolds - Tanzer

Price: (12 Bottles) FL $104.00, 3cs $100.00, 5cs $96.00
Rawley Park Grenache

Our fun-loving, grape stomping, punk rocker turned winemaker, Rawley Power is back at it again. This time foraging into the delicious and lithe grape known as Grenache. Rewind the tape 20 years and Rawley was tearing up dirt tracks throughout the Plains. His dominant performance on the race circuit provided him the confidence to explore punk rock and eventually winemaking.
The methodical approach to winemaking is same to that of racing, one can be tactical but in the end the winner always rides the hardest and fastest. This is a full-throttle approach to Grenache that delivers plenty of ‘raw’ fruit but with a real elegance.

The grapes hail from two vineyards, one in Gawler River and the other in Angle Vale. This is 15% whole-cluster fermented entirely with indigenous yeasts. Soft pumpovers and minimal plunging were done prior to being basket pressed into mature French barriques and aged 9 months. Subtlety is rarely a word used to define Rawley’s wine and also never used to describe SA Grenache, but this has finesse and as much subtlety as one would expect for Adelaide Plains Grenache.

Price: Fl $144, 3cs $136, 5cs $132