Leefield Station

Leefield Station is a fully operational vineyard farm located in the Waihopai Valley of Marlborough.  It is one of the oldest Stations in Marlborough, dating back to the 1840's when it was settled by Constantine Dillon. In 2013 Brent Marris of Marisco Vineyards purchased the 2,200 ha property with sights set for not only it's pastoral farming potential but also to convert a large portion of the land to vineyard. Something Brent does superbly well!

2017 marks quite an occasion, the year that the first Leefield Station vintage from the Leefield Station vines hits the market. The launch introduces a stunning, award winning Sauvignon Blanc* and a delicious Pinot Gris. Future plans include a Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and depending how the land fares, a few niche blocks of other varieties.

"I have a vision of beautiful vineyards on the flat and rolling country at Leefield running harmoniously alongside our farming operation and retaining that station-like feel with the historic buildings and trees." Brent Marris