JH Meyer

Johan Meyer, AKA “Stompie”, has quickly established an excellent reputation in the emerging South African wine industry, as a boutique producer making hand crafted natural wines from small plots of special vineyards. While his namesake ‘Signature’ wines reflect his love of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Stompie is not one to limit himself and thus created the Mother Rock Wines wines in collaboration with his UK importer Ben Henshaw of Indigo Wines.

Force Celeste Chenin Blanc

All the grapes are grown from one single vineyard near Paardeberg Mountain on decomposed granite. The bush vines were planted in 1983 and dry farmed since its initial planting. Since 2014, the southwest facing vineyard has only received organic sprayings and the undervine work has been done purely by machine and not chemically.

The grapes were hand-harvested into small lug-boxes, limiting the damage to the grape in larger bins. They were harvested at different sugar levels to insure good pH and acid from the early picking with powerful structure and aromas from riper batches. The grapes were fermented in stainless steel at cooler temperature (57°F) while the rest was fermented in older 300L barrels. 20% of the lot was whole bunch fermented on skins for 4 weeks in open top barriques. After nine months on the gross lees, the wine was blended and bottled unfined and unfiltered.

Zesty, with white stones and white stone fruits, some herbal hints too – a bit funk but a whole lot of fun. A thirst quenching apéritif, light and energetic – yet a powerful, intensity of fruit and minerality abounds. It will be interesting to see this wine uncoil over the next 2-3 years.

  • Region: Swartland
  • Varietal: 100% Chenin Blanc
  • Vintage: 2015
  • Vine Age: 32 years old
  • Yield: 2 tons per acre
  • Soil Type: Decomposed Granitic Sand over Granite
  • Skin Contact: 20% fermented on skins for 4 weeks
  • Oak: 9 months in Stainless Steel (80%) & neutral French barriques (20%)
  • Production: 1,160 cases
Price: 6pk Fl $88, 2cs $80
Force Celeste Red Blend

It is a blend of Syrah, Pinotage, Carignan, Cinsault, and Mourvédre. The fruit hails from a few sites in Swartland, ranging from Malmesbury, Riebeek Kasteel and Paardeberg Mountain. The vineyards were planted between 1983-1991, all bush vines and everything is dry-farmed. Since 2014, the vineyards have been farmed organically with the short-term future of certification.
The grapes were hand-harvested into small lug-boxes, limiting the damage to the grape in larger bins. Much care was given to the grapes during a preferment cooling period to prohibit oxidization. The Syrah was fermented 100% carbonically while the remaining grapes were fermented entirely whole bunch and the pressed juice was poured over the Syrah portion to continue the ferment. Aging was carried out on gross lees in stainless steel prior to a September bottling date. Like the rest of Stompie’s work, it was bottled unfined and unfiltered.
The French would call this a 'Vin de Soif', roughly translated as 'a wine to quench thirst'. The lack of oak really amps the ‘quenching’ part here! Uncanny juxtaposition of freshness to structure without the fruit being heavy in the least bit. A perfect wine for the warm summer night!

  • Region: Swartland
  • Varietal: 58% Syrah - 15% Pinotage - 10% Grenache - 8% Carignan - 5% Cinsault - 4% Mouvérdre
  • Vineyard: Select Sites in Swartland: Malmesbury, Riebeek Kasteel and Paardeberg Mountain
  • Vine Age: 24-33 years old
  • Yield: Average: 2 tons per acre
  • Soil Type: Varied: Primarily Granitic
  • Alcohol: 12.5%
  • Oak: None - Stainless Steel
  • Production: 670 cases
Price: 6pk FL $88, 2cs $80
Mother Rock White

Grapes are sourced from 5 different sites in the Swartland. The Chenin Blanc is planted on granite, koffieklip, and schist soils, the Viognier and the Harslevelu are planted on decomposed granite and clay, the Grenche Blanc is planted on decomposed granite and Malmesbury shale, and the Sémillon on granite and sand. Vineyards are farmed organically with minimal intervention. Vines are mostly dry farmed bush vines. All grapes were handpicked in the early morning during cooler weather, placed into lug boxes (smaller quantities mean reduced compaction and damage to the fruit) and then moved to cellar. Grapes are fermented with natural yeast, half in stainless steel at 58°F, and half in older 300 liter barrels. 15% of grapes were whole bunch fermented and spent 4 weeks on the skins. The wine ages for 12 months on the gross lees, after which it is blended and bottled without fining or filtering.

The nose is beeswax, honeycomb and a touch of roasted lime and struck match. White flowers on the edges, from some of the more aromatic varietals in the blend. The palate is just stonking. Brilliant tropical fruits with a juicy, fleshy, more-ish texture. It's a wine you hold in your mouth a bit longer - it just feels and tastes amazing, with just enough citrus to tie it all together. So incredibly drinkable and delicious, this is one to buy a lot of, as it's just so enjoyable to drink. That wee touch of skin contact provides a depth and texture that pulls it up to another level.

  • Region: Swartland
  • Varietal: 61% Chenin Blanc - 16% Viognier - 11% Grenache Blanc - 8% Sémillon - 4% Harslevelu
  • Vintage: 2015
  • Vine Age: 16-39 years old
  • Yield: 2 tons per acre
  • Soil Type: Granite, Schist & Ironstone (Chenin Blanc) - Decomposed Granite & Clay (Viognier) - Decomposed Granite & Malmesbury Shale (Grenache Blanc) - Granite & Sand (Sémillon) - Decomposed Granite & Clay (Harslevelu)
  • Alcohol: 12.9%
  • Skin Contact: 15% were fermented whole bunch for four weeks
  • Oak: 12 months in 50% Stainless Steel & 50% neutral French puncheons
  • Production: 667 cases