Hugl is a young family-run winery located in north-east Austria, in Ketzelsdorf-Poysdorf. The owners Sylvia and Martin Hugl aim to produce fruity, full-bodied wines that are typical of the region and the soils. They make use of the experience of their parents and combine it with their know-how and modern techniques to create high-quality wines. To keep quality high they limit quantity by cutting back, thinning, and green harvesting. A careful handling of the grapes during harvesting is as necessary, along with a cool fermentation in the cellar. They focus on producing superb quality Gruner Veltliner and Zweigelt bottled in 1 lt bottles.

Gruner Veltliner

Hugl Weine Gruner Veltliner is produced by family-owned winery, reflecting both their winemaking skill and the distinctive terroir of the region; carefully limiting the yields of their vineyards, green harvesting, and cold fermentation all make for an exceptionally well-crafted wine. This concentrated, aromatic white offers ample citrus and grapefruit aromas, along with a hint of pineapple and white pepper. A refreshing minerality makes this an easy accompaniment to a wide range of foods.

Price: Fl $120.00, 2cs $108.00, 3cs $102.00, 5cs $96.00, 10cs $88.00

Despite its relative youth, Zweigelt is actually an Austrian classic. This variety was created in 1922, when Dr. Fritz Zweigelt crossed two grapes - St Laurent and Blaufränkisch. Originally, it was intended for the new variety to be called Rotburger, referring to the place where it was born, Klosterneuburg. But this name never took hold, and instead, Zweigelt was named after the man who was the key in its development.

Today, Zweigelt is the most widely planted red variety in Austria, growing in nearly 9% of this country's vineyards. It is a robust grape, highly resistant to dryness, frost and various diseases. The wine boasts a concentrated color, fruity and spicy aromas, cherry flavors. Full-bodied, smooth and round, the wine is an ideal food companion.


"Austria is far ahead of other countries in using the one-liter format, which offers one-third more wine for a bargain price. Hugl makes an excellent gruner veltliner ($13 for a liter) and this juicy red, which is ideal for dinner parties when wine facilitates discussion rather than dominating it." - Washington Post (September 19th 2012),

Price: Fl $120.00, 3cs $108.00
Zweigelt Rose

The wine boasts a pale rosé color, it has plenty of fruity aromas, with red cherry and wild strawberry flavors. It is medium-bodied, but it still have a nice long and pleasant finish with a light cinnamon type of spice to it.

Price: Fl $96.00, 3cs $92.00, 5cs $88.00