Chateau Gloria

A native of Saint-Julien, Henri Martin was the grandson of the cellarmaster at Chateu Gruaud-Larose and son of a cooper in the village of Beychevelle. His family had been connected for many years with the vines and cellars that dot the SAint-Julien countryside. In fact, the Martins were variously vineyard workers, vineyard managers, and cellar workers for some three centuries. The dream of every vineyard worker in the Medoc is to buy a few rows of Cabernet and Merlot vines for the pleasure of cultivating their own land and to have something to leave to their children.


So, in the early 1940s, Henri Martin (who had started out a cooper like his father), turned his attention to viticulture. His first purchase was 6,000 vines in Saint-Julien alongside the family home in 1939. This was the beginning of what would later become Chateau Gloria, a patchwork of various plots scattered among classified growth vineyards. This was his life's work.


Today, Francoise (his daughter) and Jean-Louis Triaud (his son-in-law), assisted by their children, Vanessa nd JEan, continue the family tradition with passion.

Château Gloria

14 months - New barrels: 40 %Despite his training and success as a cooper, Henri Martin's heart was not in barrelmaking. So, starting in 1939, he left to become a winegrower. His lifelong ambition was to create a new estate, Château Gloria - a monumental undertaking! Plot by plot, vine row after vine row, he patiently and systematically purchased vineyard land from his friends and neighbours in the commune of Saint-Julien to form Château Gloria. This included many vines from classified growth estates. Indeed, this was quite a feat considering that Saint-Julien has only 900 hectares of vines, consisting almost entirely of land belonging to the appellation's eleven great growths. Henri Martin's new estate was created in the 1970s, attaining an area of 50 hectares. Château Gloria is therefore the story of one man's passion for vines and wine. Although the history of famous châteaux of Bordeaux generally goes back hundreds of years, Gloria is an exception. Its existence is due to the determination of one man in the late 20th century, and it has already established a sterling reputation.


"Gloria has long been one of the most popular wines in America, but I do not believe they have ever made better wines than they have over the last decade, and the 2009 is one of their finest. While this estate is not a classified growth, it certainly performs like one in 2009. A dense ruby/purple color is accompanied by an expressive, flamboyant bouquet of black fruits, Christmas spices, licorice and roasted Provencal herbs. Fuller-bodied, more concentrated and extracted than most vintages with soft tannins, its low acidity and a sumptuous, plump style remind me of a modern day version of the 1982 (which is fully mature but still in great shape). The 2009 Gloria is a very smart purchase for those looking to maximize their buying power. In fact, this may be the value of the vintage." ~ 93, Wine Advocate February 2012

Price: Fl $520