The first written mention of the Anselmann family dates back to 1126. For centuries the family has been connected to wine. Today, there are 100 hectares of vineyard, run and managed by Brothers Gerd, Ralf and Ruth, in the area surrounding Edesheim.. The vineyards are largely composed of weathered clay and sandstone.The Anselmann Estate is one of the largest private estates in Germany.  Prior to 1959, the wines produced were sold in bulk to the trade. The great 1959 vintage saw the beginning of a new era in winemaking, bottling and selling by the Anselmann family. In 1979, in addition to the historical Family house and cellars, where many of the exquisite wines are stored today, a new estate building was constructed on the outskirts of Edesheim.

Anselmann Riesling Kabinett

A very refreshing Kabinett wine with a pleasing sweetness.

Region: Pfalz
Alcohol: 11%
Acidity: 8.3 g/l
Residual Sugar: 41.4 g/l


Golden DLG Award 2014
Silver Kammerpreismünze 2013

Price: (12 Bottles) FL $160.00, 2cs $144.00, 5cs $132.00